About Us

In-Trend Property Management Inc has been providing clients with experienced, hands-on service in the management of properties.

Established and founded on over 20 years experience, we are skilled professionals with a unique skill set that can be found nowhere else. By operating in all facets of these complementary industries, our firm has acquired invaluable tools that collectively, have become vital assets in the successful handling of our tenants.

We are Property Managers. Managing and leasing privately owned commercial properties, our property managers provide quality management services ranging from individual tenant needs to full scale building management. Our goal is to maximize the returns our clients receive on their properties while ensuring sustainability through comprehensive maintenance and tenant selection and satisfaction programs. We bring the highest levels of expertise and resources in large scale operations management to our individual clients, increasing the value and imparting the security you are looking for with your investment. We work with individual tenants to create unique synergies amongst all tenants located in a particular complex so that success is achieved by all.


Mailing Address:
P.O.BOX 263
Uxbridge, Ontario
L9P 1M7


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